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Transform and Monetize your Data by Unlocking Audience Intelligence.

AccessFuel solves the 5 core data problems found in all data, so customers can make optimized, data-driven decisions that grow revenues

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Despite using multiple platforms, most data-driven organizations are data rich, yet insights poor.

We don’t know who’s in our data
We don't know who's in the "room"
Because our data is siloed we don't have a single view into who are audience is - nor to extract actionable insights
We are unsure how to clean, merge and create single, "golden" records
Without data-driven change we can’t maximize revenues
Without insight we can’t change what we do or how we do it

Our Products - Your Positive ROI

AccessFuel makes getting started quick and easy. Our ‘Fuel Audits’ provide a great way to understand the ‘State of your Data Nation’.

Gain insights on where your data is at today and develop your Data Roadmap to fully optimized and monetized data.

Your Data Roadmap Journey

Discovery Audits
Connect + Unify
Verify + Enrich
Personas + Insights
Optimize + Monetize
Discovery Audits

Choose the most suitable product for your business goals or combine to gather even better results

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5 steps to maximize data monetization






Connect + Unify

Connect the various platforms you use to run your Data

Verify + Enrich

Verify gathered Data and create personas to get more insights about your audience

Personas + Insights

Unlock Personas to understand which are the most profitable and  gain insights on how to most effectively communicate

Optimize + Monetize

Keep the entire organization up-to-date,   informed and making data-driven decisions through continuous integrations and your dashboards

Data audit

Understand the state of your data - including it’s health and gaps. Establish a baseline for your data’s health.

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Marketing audit

Gain an understanding of how to reach and convert your ideal customers - and acquire more of them

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How it works — The Data Transformation & Monetization Process

Connect + Unify

Connect data from the various platforms you use to operate your business and Unify this siloed data in a central location. Then the data transformation process can begin – from raw, siloed data to sales, marketing and operational intelligence.

Verify + Enrich

Verify the data you have to ensure it’s accurate and up-to-date. Then supercharge it by enriching the data that truly matters (demographic, psychographic, social, affinity and company) to out perform your marketing and sales activities.

Personas + Insights

Unlock Personas and understand which ones are best aligned with your companies goals and objectives, planning, communicating and conversion. Insights behind the most profitable Personas enable optimized planning, communicating and monetizing.

Action + Monetization

Now it’s time to put your Audience Intelligence and data insights to work. It’s time to take action and grow marketing and sales activities. Knowing your audience means more revenue.

Who We Serve

Organizations who engage audiences in both the physical and virtual worlds see value in audience intelligence.

Non Profits
Higher Education
Online and Offline
Increase and optimize conversion and retention rates. Find new, lookalike audiences with ease.

Send the right message to the right people on the right channel with the right promotion.
Unlock hidden sales opportunities by identifying who’s buying what, where and why. Develop sales messaging to focus the right pitch for the right product or service to the right person (or Persona).

Quantify the value of your audience for partnerships and more.
Create content that converts – by Persona.

Whether it’s online or offline, deliver the most compelling content to engage your audiences.
Increase and optimize conversion and retention rates. Find new, lookalike audiences with ease.

Send the right message to the right people on the right channel with the right promotion.
Increase and optimize conversion and retention rates. Find new, lookalike audiences with ease.

Send the right message to the right people on the right channel with the right promotion.

The following levels of seniority benefit:

All internal and external stakeholders benefit by looking at the same, unified data to make truly informed, data driven decisions.


What people are saying

Grant W. Graves
Curator, TEDxSantaMonica

“ Makes you feel as if you have been blindfolded. They have provided me with an insight into who we are; our community is our existence and purpose. They have provided insights and information that I did not know are possible and would not have known to ask for. The insights have transformed how I am able to connect to our audience and greater community. ”

Adrian Roup
Director of Sponsorships, TEDxSanta Monica

“ The service is the game-changer. Laser-accurate data that is relevant and brilliantly contextual makes our job of selling sponsorships and earning repeat attendances easy. ”

Christen da Costa
Reach Festival

“ They were timely, professional, and acted as a true partner. AccessFuel surfaced prospective sponsors and partners in our data that went unnoticed. Our partnership definitely will be long term. ”

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