AccessFuel is an Audience Intelligence company designed for organizations seeking to monetize their data  — to generate new revenues by growing their sales and marketing activities.

We apply data-science, ML and AI  to better understand “who’s in the data” - both existing and prospective customers. Our platform unifies and transforms siloed data from multiple platforms and then enriches it with new, missing data so you truly understand your customers (ideal customer personas) and take the appropriate action.

The result is 'supercharged' data that immediately surfaces actionable insights and recommendations that grow marketing, sales and operational  efforts - thereby growing revenues while delivering engaging, personalized communication and  experiences.

Why Us?

Data Scan Report including

Data assessment, health score, duplicate identification and the identification of data leaks.

Data transformation Roadmap

Recommendations for "supercharging" your data, including data augmentation and enrichment.


Our analysts surface & recommend the most important, immediate action — based on your data.

“ AccessFuel solves the 5 core data problems found in all data so customers can make optimized, data-driven decisions. ”

Rob Imrie
CEO at AccessFuel
Our Story

Hi, I'm Rob, and I've spent my entire career (26 years) in data.

I founded AccessFuel to help others make sense of it to create more compelling engagements & experiences.

Over the past 26 years I have created a few companies; experiential marketing agency, online registration platform, online ticketing platform, local event curation-syndication platform and a networking app. And I enjoy thinking (well dreaming) about where things will be in a few years time. A few years ago, while in the middle of a conference with 25,000 other attendees (yes, back when we could go to packed events) it dawned on me that nobody knew who was “in the room”. Yet all stakeholders (attendees, organizers and brands sponsoring/exhibition) would benefit from being able to answer this question.

And AccessFuel was born.

Since that time, we have transformed data and surfaced insights and actionable intelligence around audiences for customers around the world - in a number of different industries.

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