AccessFuel is a persona-driven intelligence company focused on actionable insights for revenue growth

We unlock missed opportunities from siloed data by adding the missing data and then surfacing audience intelligence and aligning it with business strategy so you and your teams (IT, marketing, sales, etc) generate increased ROI.

We apply data-science, ML and AI  to better understand “who’s in the data” - both existing and prospective customers. Our platform unifies and transforms siloed data from multiple platforms and then enriches it with new, missing data so you truly understand your customers (ideal customer personas) and take the appropriate action.

The result is 'supercharged' data that immediately surfaces actionable insights and recommendations that grow marketing, sales and operational efforts - thereby growing revenues while delivering engaging, personalized communication and  experiences.

Our Values


A pillar in our foundation of transparency and connection. We value integrity and open communication between our colleagues and clients as this is the way things get done best (in our opinion).

Daring (yet calculated)

Experts in data with over 22+ years of experience, we have been leaders since inception and strive to deliver the true power of our customer’s data to their fingertips.


We push for the constant leveling up of our own thought-leadership, tech, and processes. We fully support our teammates and clients in their own personal and professional (often data-driven) evolution.

Our Story

Who is AccessFuel?

AccessFuel was founded with the hypothesis that data could inform decision making - creating more compelling engagements & experiences

In 2015, we recognized the need to apply digital tools and data to events (our background). While marketers were benefiting from sophisticated tools, Event-driven organizations lacked the same degree of leveraging data to make better, more informed decisions.

Our vision was to solve the question “who’s in the room” (and who’s not in the room but could and should be?), and AccessFuel was born to set out to answer this hypothesis.

When COVID-19 hit, we decided to focus on eCommerce, given our experience not only in event ticketing but in other, more traditional merchant verticals. 

We pivoted; we applied our existing knowledge and technology to continue building a digital transformation platform that can be applied to any company in any vertical seeking to transform and monetize their data.

Coming from backgrounds in data and technology we wanted to develop the tools and processes necessary to take a highly complex activity (data transformation) and turn it into an easy to understand program where we could walk clients down the path… like making the key that operates a vehicle.

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