Frequently Asked Questions

How AccessFuel works and how our products and services can benefit your business.

What is data transformation? And why is it beneficial?

Data transformation is the process by which data is transformed from sitting in various locations (platforms, apps, spreadsheets) and siloed to that which is understood and actioned by all stakeholders - whether by role, department or company. The result is have a central, unified view into the data you’ve got, and a plan (Data Roadmap) to action and monetize it… be it to grow marketing, sales or other areas of your business.

What is data monetization and how does it work?

Data monetization refers to the generation of new revenues for the company by growing their sales and marketing activities. It begins with an assessment of the data you have today and the plan to get the data you require to maximize efficiencies and revenues. Having the right data combined with the right plan to put it to action is the initial destination. And then comes optimizing and iterating - on an ongoing basis.

How does data “supercharging” work? And what are the benefits?

If you have the option of filling your car’s gas tank with crude oil versus high octane premium, which would you choose? There is a direct correlation between the quality of what goes in and what comes out. At AccessFuel we refer to this as data “supercharging”. And it’s one component of the data transformation process to ensure your efforts are overdelivering - not under delivering.

How can AccessFuel help me with my data?

We can improve your data by following processes of data augmentation and enrichment known as “supercharging”. By doing that you will obtain even better data than the one you currently have, which ends up helping you make better decisions.

Is it safe to share my data?

Yes! AccessFuel’s servers are secured with the highest data security, privacy, governance and compliance standards. All data is encrypted and sits behind SSL and layers of security.

How do I get started? What do I need to provide to begin the process?

It’s as simple as contacting us to request an account (back to security, we send an invite) and uploading your data. You can begin by exporting a file and uploading it in your AccessFuel Dashboard. Our “Fuelers” will jump in and make it easy and quick, and we’re here to support along the way.

What industries can benefit from AccessFuel?

We’re beneficial to any and every industry. If you collect data and you market or sell a product or service, then you will benefit from data transformation and audience intelligence.

Can AccessFuel solutions be integrated with existing systems?

Yes, we’re agnostic. While integrations exist to automatically pull your data into our platform (via files and/or APIs), you can get started without any integrations at all. You can simply import your data into our platform. Once we transform it, you re-import it to action it.

Can you show me how it works? Can I request a demo?

Certainly, we would be happy to. Feel free to get in touch - you can contact us via contact form, chat, tel or email.

Questions? Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at, chat or phone at (323) 844-3839.