Audience Intelligence
for Sports

Audience  intelligence answers the question “Who’s in the Stadium?”
(and who's not) so you can maximize ticket and sponsorship sales.

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Our Products - Your Positive ROI

AccessFuel helps Sports Organizations understand and monetize their data.

Our Data Journey Roadmaps & white glove service provide a quick and easy way to begin the data transformation process.... from underperforming, siloed data to overperforming sales and marketing growth "fuel".

The sports industry uses sports analysis to increase revenue... and for many more enhancements.

All this data is a great resource; however, it serves no use without people to interpret and analyze how it may be useful.

- Darin W. White, Ph.D. Executive Director Samford University

AccessFuel helps sports organizations action new insights from your data, so you can focus on what you do best - with the intelligence required to make data driven decisions that deliver results.

Do you know...
Whether you are monetizing your data to its full potential?
Your data health score? How effectively is it performing?
How many data ‘leaks’ does your Organization have?
How many customer Personas exist in your data? And how many you should have to increase ticket and sponsorship sales?
Where and how can you find more Personas (e.g.: lookalike audiences)?
Fan Intelligence

Ready to meet your Fans? AccessFuel’s data transformation and business intelligence tools come into play to unlock who they are.

An assessment of who’s following you on each channel, as well as who is subscribed to your newsletters and buying tickets.

Find out how many Fan Segments (we call them Personas) you have. And how to reach and sell to more of them.

Ticket Sales

Are you maximizing ticket sales? Are all the seats sold… at 100% capacity? And are you communicating effectively as possible? 

Imagine sending the right message to the right audience (Persona) at the right time on the right channel with the right offer.

Audience Intelligence provides the intelligence  required to optimize your marketing efforts and not only increase conversion rates, but  find new, lookalike audiences more efficiently and effectively.
The result: a sold-out game

Sponsorship Sales

Quantify the value of your audience and close more deals. Create win-win partnerships by leveraging Audience intelligence.

Based on your current audience, we will ensure your data conveys the most compelling story to showcase why brand sponsors should write their cheque... how they will receive the greatest ROI by working with you.

We’re big fans of long-term, successful partnerships... And we bet you are too.

Sports we play with

We "Fuel" the data behind Organizations who's Fans are fanatical about all types of sports!
Whether your audience attends physical- or virtual world events, they all find  value in audience intelligence.

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