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Audience intelligence answers the question “Who’s in the Venue?”(and who's not?) so you can maximize ticket sales, sponsorship sales and produce the most compelling events.

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Our Products - Your Audience Intelligence

AccessFuel partners with Live Event Organizations to help them quickly understand and monetize their data. Our Data Journey Roadmaps & white glove service provide a quick and easy way to begin the data transformation process.... turning your underperforming, siloed data into over-performing sales and marketing growth "fuel".‍

Harnessed properly, data and real-time analytics are proven game changers, driving a paradigm shift to a new era of event-performance marketing.

Why Data Is the Future of Live Events
- Bill Bosak, Cornell University, Partner at Tata Consulting

AccessFuel harnesses the power of your data by surfacing actionable insights that deliver results.

Key Performance Indicators
Monetizing your data to its full potential
Increasing ticket sales
Optimizing sponsorship agreements
Converting New Attendees into Lifetime Buyers
Decreasing Cost of Aqusition (COAS)
Audience Intelligence

Are you communicating effectively as possible with the right people? ‍Imagine sending the right campaign to the one the fence buyer about their favorite artist and converting a year on year returner. Audience Intelligence provides the insights required to optimize your retention and conversion efforts with personalized communication.

Ticket Sales

Are you maximizing ticket sales? Are all the passes sold… at 100% capacity? ‍Imagine sending the right message to the right audience (Persona) at the right time on the right channel with the right offer. Optimize your marketing efforts and not only increase conversion rates, but find new, lookalike audiences more efficiently and effectively. The result: a sold-out festival.

Sponsorship Sales

Quantify the value of your audience and close more deals. Create win-win partnerships by leveraging Audience intelligence.‍Based on your current audience, we will ensure your data conveys the most compelling story to showcase why brand sponsors should write their cheque... how they will receive the greatest ROI by working with you. We’re big fans of long-term, successful partnerships... And we bet you are too.

Our Products

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We "Fuel" the data behind Organizations in every industry. Whether your audience attends physical- or virtual world events, you will find value in audience intelligence.

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