Audience intelligence answers the questions "Who's in our data? to enable data-driven decisions that grow your business.

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Our Products - Your Positive ROI (Recreational + Medical)

AccessFuel partners with companies in the Cannabis industry understand and monetize their data - from seed-to-sale.

data driven intelligence will enable the companies that invest in it to gain valuable insights about what consumers truly want and need from cannabis brands.

The Effects of big data and technology on the marijuana industry
- Susan Gunelium Lead Analyst, Cannabiz Media

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators
Optimize Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)
Increase Lifetime Value (LTV)
Decrease Expired Inventory
Lower Cost of Acquisition (COAS)
Streamline Retargeting Efforts
Audience Intelligence

How well do you know your audience? Deeply understand your customers, who is engaged with your brand, and what they want more of. Whether B2C or B2B audiences, engage in a more personalized manner.

New Opportunities

Quantify the value of your audience and close more deals. Create win-win partnerships and promotions by leveraging audience intelligence. Ensure you are maximizing ROI-by unlocking opportunities that matter from the data you have.

Product Sales

Gain insights into which products sell, to who, when, and why. By discovering the WHO, you sales and marketing team can create customized and target campaigns to look-a-like audiences that matter.

Our Products

The AccessFuel Tool Box

Audience Personas

Verify & Enrich

Data Analysis

Customer Data Platform

Digital Transformation

Data Monetization

Digital Blueprint

Data Security

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We "Fuel" the data behind Organizations in every industry. Whether your audience attends physical- or virtual world events, you will find value in audience intelligence.

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