Understand the state of your data — including it’s health and gaps. Establish a baseline for your data’s health.

AccessFuel’s Data Audit provides a view into the State of your data. Our 21 point check-up captures and surfaces what your organization has - and doesn’t have (but should in order to better understand your audiences to grow marketing and sales efforts).

What you get

Data Scan Report including

Data assessment, health score, duplicate identification and the identification of data leaks.

Data transformation Roadmap

Recommendations for "supercharging" your data, including data augmentation and enrichment.


Our analysts surface & recommend the most important, immediate action — based on your data.

Your Data Health Score provides a benchmark for where you are today and where you need get to in order to truly understand, optimize and monetize your data.

Your Data Roadmap will close the gap and get you “there” in a systematic, straight forward way.

What you provide

Select the data from the platforms you want to better understand
Connect your data to AccessFuel or upload your contact records and files (csv, xls format) directly

Your Data Roadmap Journey

Discovery Audits
Connect + Unify
Verify + Enrich
Personas + Insights
Optimize + Monetize
Discovery Audits

Choose the most suitable product for your business goals or combine to gather even better results

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5 steps to maximize data monetization






Connect + Unify

Connect the various platforms you use to run your Data

Verify + Enrich

Verify gathered Data and create personas to get more insights about your audience

Personas + Insights

Unlock Personas to understand which are the most profitable and  gain insights on how to most effectively communicate

Optimize + Monetize

Keep the entire organization up-to-date,   informed and making data-driven decisions through continuous integrations and your dashboards


Data audit
$ 4,900
Understand the state of your data
Get your data health score (DHS)
Create a data scan report (DSR)
Establish your data roadmap
Audience audit
$ 4,900
Assess who’s in your data
Develop Audience Personas
Identify differences in customers vs prospects
Surface trends in your Audience
Marketing audit
$ 4,900
Unlock User Segments
Determine how users differ on different channels
Gauge website and Ad performance
Understand who’s engaged on your Socials
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