Data management has exploded in the last decade as start-ups, enterprises and everything in between push forward to centralize, prioritize and optimize their data. Beyond the businesses themselves, it’s data from customers, cookies and clients. 

However Facebook, Apple and Google‘s new data privacy changes have sent shockwaves throughout e-commerce, technology and many other industries. If this is news to you, please keep reading! If not, well you're still in the right place because AccessFuel has a next generation solution that may inform and educate.

Apple Changes + Effects

IOS14’s biggest impact was the implementation of Apple Tracking Transparency and IDFA changes, an opt-in feature that limits tracking across websites and applications.

First party data has taken a hit. The user data valve has been turned off, and has changed for the foreseeable future. Advertisers, companies, and agencies, and companies, like Facebook, need to look ahead to the new future of first party data. These changes will be staying and evolving, as Apple recently released specs on iOs15, and the news that it includes a similar privacy focused feature for email tracking.

“The latest reports on IOS14 and IDFA show a opt-out rate of close to 90%...”

                         IOS 14 Opt-in Rate - Weekly Updates Since Launch. By Estelle Laziuk, Flurry Analyst.

This has left brand marketers and their agencies in a real predicament. How can they serve more effective campaigns, with personalized advertising and re-touches if they don't know who their audience is?

Facebook Changes + Effects

Aggregated Event Measurement which includes 48 Hour Delay on Reports, 24 hour only data snapshot. 

Facebook and Instagram advertisers are seeing minimal data and are unable to track any data with the IOS14 Privacy changes unless a user ops in to tracking.

Agencies and advertisers are expecting massive changes to their data strategies and Facebook and other social media advertisers come to terms with Apple's IDFA and IOS14 privacy changes. The most important question to consider is “Are you ready? Do you have a solution in place if a majority of your first party data quality significantly drops in quality?” This is a pivotal moment for advertising and consumer data privacy, and a plan is critical. 

Google’s Changes

Will start gradually blocking trackers (cookies) on its Chrome browser starting in 2023. 

Why it matters: This shows that big tech ( and by proxy big data) is taking an interest in user privacy… even if it's a bit delayed. Google is one of the biggest advertising conglomerates in the world, and this may signal the end of cookie tracking for big tech.

We know that’s a lot of information, and especially frightening if you’re in an impacted market or industry. But not all is lost!

AccessFuel has the expertise, technology, and services to help you craft an even BETTER data strategy by optimizing data with, and beyond first party and cookie data.

Let AccessFuel be your expert guide through these changes, and others that are sure to come. Whether US, Global, or Worldwide regulations, we are the data experts here to build your next generation of data strategy. Benefits and expected outcomes include:

Calculating ROI

A deep understanding of your audiences will align your organization around your audience “who” (both customers and prospective customers) and enable data-driven decision making that has a positive impact on marketing, sales and customer success - at a minimum. 

Experience increased return on ad spend, a decrease in acquisition costs and/or execute campaign testing that is built by/from your  users data FOR the user. 

Whatever KPI’s you use to measure success and growth, AccessFuels data transformation strategy will exceed those goals. Be a front runner and start a new data flow... one that attributes the WHO to the what, when, where, and why of your data and thus, your business.

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