Your campaign using Audience Intelligence & Personas...

The single most important aspect of any marketing campaign, is knowing your audience. Because the better you know your audience, the more accurate they are, means the more targeted and personalized you can be, resulting in better performance, ticket sales and ROI.

You need to have a sophisticated understanding of who buys your product, and who’s likely to buy the most of your product.

You need to know the full picture of your entire audience. Who buys what and where are they most receptive to ads?

You need to know how to break down your audience into several different Personas, because each one needs a specific message.

And you can’t just rely on your analytics (and/or data-science) team, because they’re likely not trained for this.

You need a system built on five-years of audience research.

You need real Audience Intelligence and real, verified PERSONAS.

You need AccessFuel.

Let’s now go back to the beginning to see what your campaign will look like with Audience Intelligence from AccessFuel….

Jazz Night is two months away. You’ve got six-figures to spend on ads, only this time you have AF’s Audience Intel on your side.

What’s changed?

Step 1: Identify your audience

This part’s easy.

AccessFuel scans your audience data and, through a 5-Step process, identifies clear data-drive Personas.

No need to A/B test and optimize the audience for months to find the best sellers.

You skip to the front of the pack and lead off marketing campaigns with concrete breakdowns on message and ideal platform.

It’s simple.

Just login to your AccessFuel dashboard and review the resulting Audience Personas from AF’s data breakdown. Your audience has been broken down through the lens of Jazz Night, and creates 12 different data-driven Personas of the clientele you want to target.

What’s even better is because they are based on real people and real data (developed from the ‘bottom-up’), and tagged by Persona so you can personalize campaigns. You will also be able to download CSVs of each persona.

Step 2: Lock and Load

You launch your campaign and immediately see the results you’d hoped basic interest targeting would provide.

After 2 months of basic interest targeting, you might have optimized your audience to the point of AccessFuel’s Personas, but that’s two months away. And how much money is flushed away in the process?

Typical Campaign Costs(without AccessFuel) Costs Savings & Efficiencies (with AccessFuel)
FT Mktg Mgr (Your salary!) $100,000 $100,000
Initial Creative $20,000 $20,000
Optimized Creative $15,000 -
Last Creative $10,000 -
A/B Testing Audiences $75,000 -
Remaining Ad Spend $50,000 $125,000
Total Cost $220,000 $120,000
($100,000 & 11 weeks in savings!)
Total Time 12 weeks 1 week

Now, with AccessFuel, you’re starting your campaign with 12 fully optimized audience personas.

The value of the personas is not something an observant advertiser can simply identify.

So how does AccessFuel create these Personas?

What are they?

And are they really that valuable?

AccessFuel uses a five-step process to create Ideal Customer Personas — the gold standard of audience intelligence.

Step 1. Identify

AccessFuel ingests the audience data from partners like Eventbrite or Mailchimp, along with uploading custom files. The system sorts through all the data to identify all of the attributes. This can be just a few dozen attributes or a few thousands!

Step 2. Unify

With all the attributes for all of the individuals inside the customer database identified, AccessFuel now unifies the data. No matter the source of the information, the data is electronically categorized and filtered.

Step 3. Enrich

It can seem daunting to look at a massive database filled with columns for dozens of attributes.

This is when AccessFuel uses other databases to CHARGE the data. The dozens of attributes become hundreds. And the columns are filled with second-generation data on your customers.

What was once a fuzzy understanding of audience is now a crisp photograph of data points.

Step 4. Segment

Now AccessFuel can look at a large graphical interface of the audience. These enriched attributes illuminate tendencies of particular groups.

Up to 12 different groupings will be identified.

All from your single file.

Not too shabby.

But wait… there’s more (this isn’t a 2am PBS infomercial, there really is this more below!)

Step 5. Create Personas

Ahh, the bread and butter of AccessFuel’s Audience Intelligence.

Those 12 segments aren’t just 12 audience segments.

They’re based on real people. Each segment could identify tens of thousands of individual customers.

And this information is supercharged with ticketing information. This means AccessFuel Personas will show you who spends the most on which ticket packages. And where they are most receptive to ads. And several other common attributes, such as popular musicians and tv programs, recreation activities, diet, and attire.

AccessFuel’s dashboard is easy for even the most number-averse executive out there.

Your new marketing strategy:

You’re launching the Jazz night marketing campaign with AccessFuel Audience Intelligence. You’ve seen the dashboard and understand that the Persona most likely to buy group tickets to Jazz Night are 30-40 M Businessmen, who shop at discount mens stores like Men’s Warehouse and J Crew.

Why group tickets? The AccessFuel dashboard understands them to have your largest ROI. So focusing your main efforts on group sales to this demo will result in highest profits.

You have a custom audience file for your ad team to upload to Facebook. And they use it for LLA.

Now you’ve got the budget. The creative. The campaign. The audience… as in, AccessFuel Audience Intelligence.

So it’s go-time.

For real. And now you can exhale. Within days you see the campaign overperforming.

Don’t be surprised if your boss offers up a bonus. After all, it was your idea to supercharge your audience.

You’ve always preached the importance of knowing your audience.

Now you can. Now you will. Isn’t that better?